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Buy Viscoderm Online, To be afraid or to struggle with an old age? Everyone has their own answer to this question. Some are so afraid of all sorts of corrective procedures that are ready to lose years, and even decades, until age changes become pronounced and radical plastic is not needed. But biorevitalization will also be useful for them. Viscoderm – Italian series of hyaluronic biorevitalizants. The drug with a concentration of hyaluronate 2% is suitable for patients aged 40 and older, when skin changes are severe. Using it,  you  can:

Remove wrinkles of medium depth and reduce deep folds;
improve the condition of old scars, stretch marks, post acne;
Make a dry, rough, porous skin smoother, moisturized and well-groomed.
What is biorevitalization?Buy Viscoderm Online
Biorevitalization is both a procedure and a process. As a procedure, biorevitalization of Viscoderm is the introduction of hyaluronic acid preparations of Viscoderm 2% into the deeper layers of the skin. As a process, it proceeds in the tissues after injection. During this period, the cells of the basal layer, reacting to the introduced substance, begin to actively produce hyaluronate, which indirectly leads to activation of the production of collagens. And these two substances in combination make the skin more elastic, taut, elastic.

Viscoderm: 3 steps on the way to beauty
Consultation of the cosmetologist. Inspection of an experienced specialist will help dot the “I” and decide which of the procedures will give the best result.
Injections of youth. A simple and safe procedure does not take very long. A special syringe Viscoderm is injected deep under the skin. Hyaluronic acid fills the wrinkles in places under wrinkles and begins to work exactly where it is needed. Biorevitalization of Viscoderm is safe, because the preparation itself was synthesized and purified from animal protein, and therefore does not cause allergic reactions.
Care. After the procedure, it is recommended to observe an uncomplicated life regimen within 7-14 days. It is better to give up active physical activity, hiking in the sauna, sauna and swimming pool. Alcohol is also better not to use.
Fear is not the place where there is technology of the 21st century! The newest methods of rejuvenation are offered in our center. Do not think about the bad! You can become beautiful and young without radical measures.


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