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             Buy Kybell Online Maybe you’ve tried diet and exercise to lose weight, yet still have a double chin that just won’t go away. Sometimes, a double chin has nothing to do with body weight, and appears due to hormonal imbalance or heredity. It can be frustrating because a double chin can make you look older, heavier, or unhealthier than you actually are. Whatever the case, if you’re bothered by your double chin and nothing you’re doing on your own is working, BELKYRA (KYBELLA) may be the solution.


Known as KYBELLA in the United States, BELKYRA is an injectable solution of deoxycholic acid with a concentration of 10mg/mL. It represents a clear, colorless liquid.


BELKYRA is an injectable medicine indicated for reduction of submental (under the chin) fat and re-defining of your jawline, effectively eliminating your double chin without surgery.

Buy Kybell Online

BELKYRA consists of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid which is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. When injected into a targeted area, it destroys fat cell membranes, allowing the fat inside to be released and naturally eliminated from the body.

The safe and effective use of BELKYRA for use outside the submental region has not been established and is not recommended. 

The safe and effective use of BELKYRA for use in patients with mild or extreme SMF (submental fat) has not been established and is not recommended.


BELKYRA should only be administered by a health professional who has been specially trained in the use of the product. The safe and effective use of BELKYRA depends on the use of the correct number and locations for injections, proper needle placement, and administration techniques.

Buy Kybell Online

BELKYRA is intended only for subcutaneous injection.

BELKYRA should be administered into Preplatysmal subcutaneous fat tissue and not into Postplatysmal fat – see picture on the right.

Patients with excessive skin laxity, prominent Platysmal bands or other conditions for which reduction of submental fat may result in an aesthetically undesirable outcome should not be treated with BELKYRA.

Do not use BELKYRA if you:

  • are allergic to deoxycholic acid or any of the non-medicinal ingredients in the formulation
  • have an infection in your chin or neck area where the product will be injected.

Recommended dose is 0.2 mL in each site, 1 cm apart, up to 50 injections into the subcutaneous fat. The maximum dose should not exceed 100 mg (10 mL) in a single treatment. The number of treatment sessions needed to achieve a satisfactory response depends on the individual patient. Up to 6 treatments spaced at intervals of no less than 1 month apart are recommended.

Each vial of BELKYRA is for single patient and treatment session use only. After use, discard any remaining solution in the vial.

Buy Kybell Online

You may experience pain during the injection procedure. Your pain may last for several days after treatment. In the treatment area, you may also have bruising, swelling, numbness, redness, tingling or itchiness, and a sensation of warmth. You may experience a sensation of hardness across the treatment area or in small areas within the treatment area. Some patients reported headaches after receiving treatment.


Volume & Packaging:  4 x 2 ml vials of a 10mg/ml solution.

Storage Conditions: Store at 15°C to 30°C.

Accessories: Skin-marking 1cm2 grid, insert and a set of labels in order to ensure traceability.


Medicinal ingredients: Deoxycholic acid.

Non-medicinal ingredients: Benzyl alcohol (preservative), dibasic sodium phosphate, hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, water for injection.

Note: Sterile packaging.

BELKYRA is manufactured in Europe by Allergan.


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