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BEAUTEM features and benefits:

1. Copyright technology:

BEAUTEM ® is developed based on 30 years of DAEWOONG experience in biotechnology.

2. Reduce impurities:

High purity BEAUTEM  ® is produced with a patented refining process in which impurities are eliminated to the maximum.Buy Beautem Online

3. Global Development:

– With superior product quality, BEAUTEM  ® has been contracted to distribute to about 90 countries including the United States and 28 European countries.

BEAUTEM ® – High purity botulinum toxi

– BEAUTEM ® is a high purity botulinum toxin produced by an effective process.

BEAUTEM ®  – Demonstrated rapid improvement in wrinkles:

– Response rate: Number of patients or proportion of all patients; Those who score lower than 1 point.

– Method of evaluation: The independent doctor will score the level of wrinkles in the eyebrow when the patient frowns maximum on the following points: 0 points (no wrinkles), 1 point (light level), 2 points (average level), 3 points (heavy level).

=> BEAUTEM ® shows improved effect on wrinkles of the eyebrow area after only 2 days of injection. (Improvement rate: 85.37%)

BEAUTEM ® Phase and Rectification Techniques :

1. Using a suitable syringe, drain salt for injection (see dilution table below). NaCl 0.9% is recommended.

2. Insert the needle and slowly and brine injection vial for injection into BEAUTEM ® .

3. Inject slowly and avoid forming air bubbles.

4. Gently mix BEAUTEM ® freeze-dried until the solution completely clean and do not have any one who sees nuts.

5. Record the date and time of revert. The solution should be injected within 24 hours after reconstitution.

6. The reconstituted product should be stored in a refrigerator at 2 ~ 8 o C.

Injection procedure:

– Use a sterile 30 gauge syringe, inject one dose of 0.1 ml at each point of the injection site: 2 injections, one in each muscle of the eyebrow and one injection in the slender muscle, the total dose is 20 unit.

– motility of BEAUTEM ® has been proven to be effective when stored in the freezer within 4 months, stored at room temperature for up to 5 weeks and 4 times the repetitive process of freezing / thawing after revert.

Stability after dilution:

– Stability of solution at frozen temperature after dilution (-15 ~ 25 o C)

– Stability of solution at room temperature after dilution (15 ~ 25 o C)

– Stability of solution after repeated freezing / thawing after dilution (-15 ~ 25 ° C / 2 ~ 8 ° C)

–  Cycle : Concerning the freezing process (-15 ~ -25 o C, 7 days) and thawing (2 ~ 8 o C, 48 hours) of the solution is 1 cycle, the cycle is repeated. again 4 times.

– In the quality assurance criteria, standard performance is 80 ~ 125% when compared with BEAUTEM ® 100 units.

–  Objective: To assess the stability of BEAUTEM ® 100U maintained at room temperature, freezing temperature and after freezing / thawing after dilution, through evaluation of animal activity.

–  Method: Activity evaluation was performed using 3 batches of BEAUTEM ® 100U, measured by means of averages, confirmed the stability of BEAUTEM ® 100U diluted in saline using an assessment of activity Animal stress at room temperature, freezing temperatures and repetition of freezing / thawing procedures.Buy Beautem Online


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