AHC Natural Perfection Fresh Sun Stick 22g

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AHC Natural Perfection Fresh Sun Stick 22g

AHC Natural Perfection Anti Wrinkle SPF 50 PA++++ Waterproof Sun Stick 22g A K-Beauty sun stick with high UV protection to help prevent skin damage and premature skin ageing, expertly formulated by pioneering Korean skincare brand, AHC Waterproof formula, with SPF 50 PA++++ for long-lasting and strong UV protection Infused with gentle natural ingredients, including Tahiti Vanilla Extract to help nourish the skin, Hawaiian Deep Ocean Water, Whistler Lake Iceberg Water, and Italian Sparkling Water, known to hydrate and refresh the skin Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid for its excellent moisture-retaining abilities Instantly cools skin on application, thanks to Glacier and other skin cooling elements 1x AHC Natural Perfection Fresh Sun Stick 22g Strong against sun.

AHC Natural Perfection Fresh Sun Stick 22g

Soft on skin. Delivering so much more than a sun cream, this K-Beauty sun stick combines the benefits of highly efficacious skincare with strong UV protection. Each carefully selected natural ingredient contributes to multiple skin benefits. It effectively hydrates dull and dry skin. Water Lily Extract helps to calm the skin, while natural ocean while iceberg and sparkling water refreshes and cools. This gentle, waterproof facial sun stick is specially designed to moisturise your skin while expertly brightening and hydrating for a more youthful complexion. Formulated with a broad spectrum of strong UV filters, this is an anti-ageing facial stick with long-lasting UV protection to help prevent against skin damage. How to use  To apply, ensure skin is clean and dry, then gently rub the stick over cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and neck, blending with two fingers until fully absorbed into the skin. When exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, reapply regularly throughout the day.


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